Quote About Understanding Business RE: Delegation

To Understand A Business…

Can you imagine teaching something, or evaluating someone on something you know nothing about?

Can you imagine a foreman trying to get the building finished when he’s never built himself? Is it conceivable for someone to supervise the hairdresser without having any experience hairdressing? Can you delegate someone reporting the work you do in your business if that person knows nothing about your industry?


Why is it, then, that some people think they can build a business by half-assing the delegation of important things? Interns, offshore, newbies. These are not the building blocks of a strong business, these are resources used to expand once the foundation is built.

Don’t take my word for it:

To truly understand a business, you have to wear all the hats before you can take some of them off.”
– Jim McNelis, Dito, Inc. 500 for 2013


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