Behold, the “problem seer”

Behold, The “Problem Seer”

A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks: “Are you sure you lost the keys here?” the drunk replies, “No, I lost them …

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Quote by Patañjali

Have you found your inspiration?

Maybe you don’t need a motivational quote to get inspired. Maybe what you need is overcoming the fear of acting upon it, or overcoming self-doubt. It has been a mix of all of the above. After the painful experience of finding myself forced into starting over, and overcoming the depression that followed, these words are …

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Quote On Giving Up, Quitting by Ross Perot

On Quitting

Isn’t that right? There’s certainly wisdom in knowing when to quit (Seth Godin calls it “Trashing Early”), but have you ever quit doing something only to realize –or worse, go on with the sick feeling– you should have stuck to it? It’s a delicate matter. I have no easy answer for this one. But I …

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Quote about taking shortcuts

On taking shortcuts…

One of the most annoying things about my line of work is having to politely answer over and over again questions that amount to: “How can I cheat the system?” Seriously. Let’s start with the easy stuff. If we’re talking about digital marketing (e.g. “How can I quickly/easily/cheaply get on the first page of Google?”) …

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