Can you afford to sit around waiting for inspiration to strike?

There is hope when one can wake up to a Monday with a little bit of drab and find a motivational push. That’s what happened to me today. I’ve been getting better and over the “case of the Mondays” thing, but I also know I have a demanding week ahead of me. My wife has […]

RE: Success and Action

There’s something about these times –maybe it’s how easy it is to broadcast our messages, how easy it is to have a tribe to pay attention to them– that seems to be promoting the glorification of The Idea. From conferences to memes, ideas have it easy this time and age. And yet, I’ never known […]

A Good Idea Acted Upon…

This town is chock-full of people with ideas. In fact, I’ve met people who have had great ideas for very many years. They still do. They tell everyone about it. They nurture their idea. They agonize over it. They fill with joy when it’s validated at a meetup or conference. I’m not sure any of […]

Mary Kay Ash Quote on Ideas and Action

I keep brushing off people with “a great idea”. Not because I don’t like ideas. I love them. I do think it’s worth brainstorming what could very well be world-changing ideas. But I no longer want to be a sounding board to people who all they want is to talk about ideas… “Ideas are a […]

John C. Maxwell on Ideas

“Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.”
– John C. Maxwell, Leadership consultant