Can you afford to sit around waiting for inspiration to strike?

There is hope when one can wake up to a Monday with a little bit of drab and find a motivational push. That’s what happened to me today. I’ve been getting better and over the “case of the Mondays” thing, but I also know I have a demanding week ahead of me. My wife has […]

It’s A Great Day To Start Something Big

This year is the first time in my life I’m using the start of the new year as a milestone to reinvent my life. After a sobering disastrous 2014 I let myself fall down a nasty spirally rut of negativism. It’s amazing what few negative thoughts, repeated, can have us believe. Yet I could not […]

What Should I Do With My Life?

Here are I am, a a time in my life when most people don’t expect to be asking themselves this question, asking myself what should I do with my life. It’s not a bad thing. Actually, if you’ve been following, it’s a really good opportunity to hit the reset button and improve my life. So […]

Starting Over

Today is the first day of my new “unemployment”. Earlier this week I signed away the business I had been building since 2012. Chalk it up to the ol’ “incompatible business partners” with a little burnout thrown in, but the reality is that somewhere in the madness that is building a fast-growing, successful digital agency, […]

First Things First: Start With Why

If you could have anything you want, a realistic opportunity (no fantasies) to get one thing, would you be ready to ask for exactly the thing you want? I wasn’t, and the realization I didn’t know what I wanted in that moment has opened my eyes, and woken a determination I didn’t know I had […]

That Time I Was Famous For 15 Minutes…

This is now more than a month old, but I wanted to share it anyways. Hey, if this was my 15 minutes, I want to make the most of it. It’s difficult not to be flattered when someone asks to interview you. “Why me?” one asks. I guess, to an extent, I consider what I […]