Back to the drawing board quote by Seth Godin

Back to the drawing board, he said.

I wasn’t planning on posting today, nor making this graphic, but Seth has a way of writing the right stuff for me at the right time.

This feeling, a mix of frustration, apprehension, when one must go back to the drawing board, can be overwhelming. I needed to read this. I created this shareable in case you or someone you know could read it too.

Know this: Not only does it get better. It’s worth it.

Back to the drawing board”
Isn’t the drawing board the place where all the best work happens?
It’s not a bad thing to go back there. It’s the entire point. ”
Seth Godin

Yeah, yeah, I know the world doesn’t revolve around me and that maybe, Seth didn’t write it for me, I’m just more receptive to his message at some points. Subscribe to his blog and let me know how it goes. (While you’re at it, subscribe to mine for news and freebies).


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