Who is Nando Journeyman?

Online Marketing Consultant NandoJourneyman
eCommerce Consultant, Technical Project Manager, Writer

Hi, I’m Nando Cabán-Méndez (a.k.a. Nando Journeyman), Entrepreneur, Designer, Writer, Speaker, Technical Project Manager, Business and eCommerce consultant. Puerto Rican by birth, based in Austin, Texas.

I have freelanced, owned a sign company. Gave it all up to move away from my birthplace and start again.

Quickly climbed my way to upper management at the new job, only to move halfway across the country, again.

Ended up working in the back shop, again. Started again, tried harder, moved up the ladder, got the fancy studio job, survived three rounds of recession layoffs, worked harder than ever, lost the fancy job. Had to start again.

After a few years in the digital space, I co-founded a digital marketing agency designed to help small and medium businesses with comprehensive, fully-managed online marketing services. We managed everything from strategic planning, to building websites and digital marketing systems, to executing on content, email, and social media marketing, Adwords, and SEO. Sold my share of the business in July 2014, and decided to focus in helping businesses grow with best-in-class digital strategies and systems for eCommerce.

I am now Technical Project Management and eCommerce Specialist at Tipit.net, a design and development firm here in Austin, TX. I’m bringing along my eCommerce and design expertise, joining a seasoned development team.

Get Your Business Online. Photo by Amy McCulloughses.

Why should you care?

I’ve learned a lot in almost twenty years as designer in several fields (graphic, industrial, architectural, apparel), and just about as long as an entrepreneur. I’ve created the business models and the systems behind the work. I’ve solved very complex workflows. I’ve produced marketing online strategies for many businesses.

Oh, and that agency I mentioned? I led a team of four to grow it from $0 to $250k of recurring revenue a year, in only 18 months. And, boy, oh, boy, did I make mistakes.

It occurs to me I can help others shorten their growth curve by sharing my experiences. I’ve made the mistakes, the research, the fixes, and now find myself in a place where I can share the lessons learned.

I empathize with you because I’m one of you. I don’t work or talk from an ivory tower. I understand your budget, and your schedule, and that you want need results. You need to convert your efforts into profits. But I also empathize with your customers, so I concern myself with the practicalities of execution and user experience.

I’m a creative left-brainer, pragmatic right-brainer, and believe complex problems often benefit from simple solutions.

As an Entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to do what you do. I’ve dealt with perennial low budgets. As a result, I’ve become pretty resourceful at business development and marketing on a shoestring. I know your resources are limited, and approach my advice to you as a partner, sensitive to your budget constraints.

All this means I recommend effective, affordable solutions, but I don’t compromise on quality, nor recommend shady practices.

What’s with the name?

In the tradition of crafts and trades, there typically is a Master at any given craft in any given community. A Master will typically have Apprentices. Somewhere in the middle is the Journeyman. The Journeyman is a traveling expert, contributes as needed, and continuously both learns and shares the knowledge picked-up elsewhere.

My work is not just Project Management, strategy, or systems, or web, or design, I offer comprehensive solutions with a lot more experience than an Apprentice. But I don’t like to think of myself as a Master. Instead, I think constant learning is the path to success, and what I learn, I share with you.

My style is that of the journeyman. Hence NandoJourneyman.

Let’s keep in touch

Let’s share the journey.

I’m looking forward to it,
Nando Journeyman